Stories about Ticketmaster from the Media and the Net

* Seattle Weekly Article about Pearl Jam's attempt to bypass TM..
* Denver Business JournalMay 26, 1997 Article about small ticket distributor 'Teleseat' that has actually managed to give TM some competition in Denver, CO..
* Rock Out Censorship Editorial on from the Rock Out Censorship webpage.
Details how TM apparently also gives the shaft to their own employees..
* PIRG Assorted legislative testimony on TM's business practices from the Public Interest Resarch Groups
* Davenet How ironic.. Ticketmaster sues Microsoft!
* antitrust.org Ticketmaster horror story from the Antitrust Policy website
* TicketWeb Web-based ticket distribution alternative to Ticketmaster..
* Pearl Jam Transcript of the band's testimony to Congress..
* Two Filthy GuysDave Marsh , contributor to Addicted to Noise, compares Ticketmaster CEO Fred Rosen to Blaxploitation icon Dolemite. He analyzes Rosen's "Secrets of My Success."
* so much angst.. A rant about Ticketmaster's monopolistic practices..
* Some articles on Ticketmaster Here are some articles on Ticketmaster I had found a while ago, but hadn't gotten around to posting till now:

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